Since 2002 PMG, Inc has successfully completed hundreds of abatement projects. We have a proven track record completing large scale complex projects on schedule. PMG, Inc work together as a group for a safe environment and offer our customer innovative solutions.  We understand  the importance of each project and place our reputation on every project.


Asbestos and lead abatement performed by PMG is conducted according to specifications and applicable state regulations. Necessary pre-abatement activities are performed: including preparation of the work area and Phase I air monitoring (background). PMG takes quality assurance measures to ensure plans and procedures for the abatement are properly implemented.


At the completion of the abatement process, qualified personnel conduct post abatement procedures, including cleaning the work area and conducting Phase II air monitoring (air clearance).

Waste disposal is carried out in the safest and most acceptable method for disposal outlined in the EPA regulations (40 CFR).

In addition, any required state and local regulations are incorporated into the waste disposal process.




We offer clients a one stop shop for all their demo and abatement needs.  We carefully plan and evaluate each renovation project to make sure nothing gets missed. All of our services presented are supported by our highly trained and experience staff.


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When you're not sure if you have an environmental problem, such as asbestos, mold, lead, etc., then you should have the material tested by an INDEPENDENT TESTING COMPANY. There is a very defined conflict of interest for any company which performs both removal of environmentally hazardous materials and also tests for the same. In other words, don't have the same company first test to see if you have a problem and then subsequently offer to sell you a job to correct the problem!